Firestopping Inspectors needed!?

Fire Marshalls will soon be enforcing CBC 1705A.16, which requires special inspection of both Firestopping and of Fire-resistant joint systems. Firestopping inspectors needed!? But which certification will the state recognize? & both offer a certification. It appears that both meet the ASTM E 2174 & 2393 requirements. But as IORs does it make sense for us to run out and sit for this exam? We have been performing Firestopping inspections sans a specific certificate for how long…

Where will you be searching out your education to obtain this vital cert? Or will you be functioning at your normally awesome IOR level – as always? IMHO: Let’s all be adding this to our mix design.

Update: I am currently in contact with both of the above organizations to find out the pros and cons of both certifying agencies. I have also been polling my FLSO for the latest – and a few others.

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  1. jericmasters
    jericmasters says:


    Do you know of any agencies as of yet that are offering some sort of training, exam and certification? CBC chapter 17 references ASTM E2174 and E2393, however they make is sound like you need to be an approved inspection agency (not individual). Does that mean that a Lab (i.e. Smith Emery) can get approved and then send out their minions to perform inspections? Would it then exclude the IOR’s performing those inspections?

    • Sara McKey
      Sara McKey says:

      So my research since the original post: There are two agencies that are giving these tests IFC and FCIA they BOTH appear to be approved- but that’s the hard part, it is such a new requirement that these two agencies both don’t know. ASTMs 2393 & 2174 may tell more? Regardless: Interested parties pass the exam and then take a “class” at 4 local manufacturers and get their paperwork signed. At that point you are certified. These classes may be the opportunity to get a group of inspectors together to learn – but IMHO it’s not an agency as much as an individual. I spoke to several FLSOs and they are leaving it to the IORs to perform and making sure an actual assembly is referenced & we are doing destructive testing as we go.


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