Firestopping Special Inspection Requirements: Update!

If you are an IOR registered in the ACCELA system, you recieved an email from the FDD ISU on 7/12 of this year. It gave specific details of the Firestopping requirements that are outlined by CBC 1705A.16. Then there were links! Did you guys read the fine print? Well here is the biggest one. If we are IORs on these small remodel projects we DON’T need the full IFC certification! So huge.

What we do need – and before January 1st- are 4 trainings, hands-on classes with the manufacturers. That’s a game changer for me. The ICF cert is $500 and the intertek certification is not included. Maybe price is no object for you, education is a good investment. I plan on getting the IFC certification, but I have been a little short on time these days. This news was a breath of fresh air.

I also was able to ask Nanci – who wrote the 7/12 email – about the certification from FCIA, apparently this certification is for installers/contractors and not special inspectors. Good to know.

I’ll post it here too. 1 down 3 to go.

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  1. Jay Orne
    Jay Orne says:

    Per Oshpd’s PIN 67 issued March 6, 2017 the IFC certification is now required.
    There are 3 levels to the certification requirements.
    Level 1, if you will is the pass the IFC exam and obtain the IFC certificate.
    Level 2, attend a 4 hour presentation and send certificate of completion to IFC and get upgraded to Premier Certificate.
    Level 3, attend 8 hour hand-on presentation by 4 manufacturers who will sign off on the bottom
    of you Premier certification. Send copy of signed Premier certificate to Intertek and photo ID
    and obtain the IQP certification.

    Level 1 – Small projects and remodels
    Level 2 – On going existing projects permitted prior to Jan. 1, 2017
    Level 3 – Good for any Oshpd project regardless of issuance date.

    • Jay Orne
      Jay Orne says:

      Cost’s of IFC exam. $500 for first attempt, and $50 thereafter for 3 re-tries.
      Four hour seminar to upgrade to Premier IFC certificate $75.
      Eight hour hands on Seminar by 4 manufacturers representatives to obtain
      their sign off’s. $295 if Premium certified, or $395 if not Premium certified.
      Once you have the 4 signatures you send a copy of your signed Premium
      certificate to Intertek with photo ID, and $1,200.00 and obtain IQP certification.
      Per Intertek website good for one year, however according to Oshpd good
      for 3 years.


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